Has your garage door gone on strike? It might be demanding a new opener motor. If you live in the Kissimmee, Lake Nona & St Cloud, FL or surrounding areas, get a new garage door opener installation or replacement from Don Pedro & Sons Garage Doors Inc. We can supply and install a new motor, or we can install a motor you purchased elsewhere.

Your garage door opener installation should take about one hour. Make an appointment today by calling 407-201-1540.

3 signs you need garage door opener repair work

Just because your Kissimmee, Lake Nona & St Cloud, FL area garage door opens, it doesn't mean it's working properly. To avoid a last-minute emergency, talk to a garage door opener repair tech if you...

  1. Hear creaking, screeching or grinding: Any change in your garage door's normal operation is a good reason to call the pros.
  2. See shaky or slow movement: If your garage door struggles to open, or it rocks back and forth, something's out of kilter.
  3. Feel like opening your door is a gamble: You should always feel confident that your door will let you leave and get back in.

Set up a garage door opener repair appointment by calling our St. Cloud, Florida office today.